How Special is Your Special Offer?

A lot of people get the idea that we don’t like special offers, and that’s just not true – we love special offers. The thing is, we don’t like lazy special offers.

Okay – let’s explain that.

Wayne and I don’t like DISCOUNTS. I personally think they’re a very lazy way to market. They’re a cop-out, they’re not creative, and people are aware that you can easily increase the price before offering the discount.

Creative specials – with a specific end-date – work the best. A creative special is a unique way that you are offering MORE of your product or service for the same price. The end result is that the client is motivated to buy from you AND pleasantly surprised at the same time. You’re building goodwill this way.

Goodwill is getting people to know, like and trust you well enough to do business with you and refer you to their friends. Let that sink in for just a moment.

But getting people to know, like, and trust you is NOT the same as giving your products and services away for free in order to please people. It’s offering something extra if your prospect will buy your product or service within a certain time frame.

It’s really “Selling with a twist,” but it’s not a bribe.  It’s a closing strategy, with a little PR (Public Relations thrown in.) It’s securing the deal right now, making sure that you are the person they buy from and not someone else. It’s getting the prospect to stop shopping and make a decision and BUY NOW.

If you’re not comfortable with giving away ‘added value’ items, or if your product or service doesn’t lend itself to that then you could create a special whereby you’ll be giving X percent to a non-profit for each sale made this month, or something like that.  It sounds so much better than ‘Take 10% off the retail price.’

bring a friend
Today's special - bring a friend!


For events, I am a HUGE fan of “Bring-a-Friend” (for the price of one ticket, e.g.). Why? Because it’s a GREAT way to get referrals and build your client base, isn’t it? It makes your existing clients feel good, because they get to give a gift – on your behalf – to a friend or loved one.

Specials need to be a limited time only offer. Create a different special every month and talk about it in your newsletter. Keep things interesting, mix things up a bit.

A different kind of special offer is the one you make at the last minute. Of course, you’ve planned it out ahead of time, but you make it near the end of your sales conversation, and it is an incentive to buy right now. It’s something your prospect will want; you know that it’s really beneficial to them.

Never make a call to sell something without having a special offer, or a buy-now up your sleeve. When you call someone with something special – a gift – they appreciate it. When you call someone with a % discount, they can’t wait to get you off the phone – because it sounds like you are either desperate or scamming them!

Here’s my special offer for today:

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Have a great day!