How to Activate Massive Action In Your Business

By Wayne Porter

What do I mean by ‘massive action’? I mean ‘MASSIVE ACTION.’ So many business owners completely underestimate the amount of work they are going to need to do to get their business to the level it needs to be. Mandy and I worked tirelessly to build our businesses – we still do. So I find it amusing – and sad – when someone says to me, “I handed out some flyers but I got no response.” When I ask them exactly how many flyers they put out and they say, “Well – about 30 or so,” it’s easy for me to diagnose (and remedy) their cash flow problem. Maybe it is a bit uncomfortable to hand someone a flyer or go to a networking meeting, but isn’t it more uncomfortable not to have enough business?

Another term I like to use is ‘relentless marketing.’ If you want your business to be successful you need to be ready to push harder and promote more than you might have imagined. How successful do you want to be? Your success will be tied to how much and how well and how much you promote yourself.

So where you thought about meeting 10 new people per week, decide to find a way to meet 50. If you thought about handing out 50 flyers per week, figure out a way to get out 500 in one afternoon. Where you made 10 phone calls one week, look to make 50 instead. It sounds like a lot, but it works. Over-the-top is what you’re going for if you want to massively increase your cash flow.

Create Relationships

Mandy and I teach what we call ‘lifestyle marketing.’ It’s really just building relationships as you go about your daily life.

I met one of our clients through cub scouts, and another during a school field trip with my son. But I didn’t create these relationships by going up to them and handing them my card – that’s just cheesy! I simply build relationships over time while going about my daily life. Mandy does the same thing. She participates in clubs and groups that she is interested in and meets a lot of great people that way. They share a common interest, and the relationship grows from there. My point is, you need to be thinking about ways to expand your connections 24/7. You ARE your business.

Be a Celebrity/Expert

This is hard for most people to grasp, but if you are great at something – your unique brilliance as we call it – then you should consider that you are a celebrity, or an expert in your field. I’m not saying you need to act important – that comes across as obnoxious. Just don’t be afraid to be who you are. You will find that you’ll attract more potential clients and be able to charge what you’re worth if you recognize and value your special expertise in what you do. This is a massive action item, even if it only involves a mindset shift for you.


I run a networking group here in Asheville, NC and sometimes I hear a comment like “I went to a networking meeting and didn’t get anything from it.” That tells me they’re missing the point of networking. Networking is about building relationships, not just ‘getting leads’. It’s not about how many business cards that you can hand out, but about how many people you can show a genuine interest in and connect with. Focus on building lasting relationships and friendships. It’ll make the networking process much more fun.

Contact Info

When you create promo for your business make sure you include your contact info, with preferably more than one way to get in touch with you. I have actually seen a car magnet that said something like “Betty’s Custom Alterations” which had no contact info whatsoever. Not an address, phone number, email address, website or anything.

Whether it’s business cards, a vehicle wrap, an online ad, your email signature – whatever – put all of your contact info or at least several means of contacting you. Recently I RSVP’d for a birthday party for my daughter using email. When I dropped her off at the party the birthday boy’s mother said she was interested in some marketing. She had gone to my website from my email signature.

On your voice mail message, include your website. Something like, “Hi this is John Doe. I can’t come to the phone right now but please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please check out my website” This is simple and free – your website should be working for you 24/7, right?

Other Massive Action Ideas

  • Put a magnetic sign on your car.
  • Make some nifty promotional items and hand them out.
  • Get some pens made with your website and phone # on them and give them to restaurant servers to give to customers to sign their bill.
  • Put some free ads on sites like Craigslist. Just don’t put your email address as it just invites spammers. Put a link to your website instead.
  • Offer to speak for free at local functions and make sure you get the contact info of all the attendees.
  • Run some kind of a contest on your Facebook page with a neat prize for the winner and runner-up prizes for everyone.
  • Drop off your business cards or flyers everywhere you can. Leave some on the counter of shops and restaurants, the post office and library bulletin boards – anywhere they might get seen.

There are plenty of great ideas for taking massive action in your business. The results you get will be proportional to the amount of effort you put in, so take bigger, better and smarter action steps than you ever have before if you’re looking for outstanding results.

Good luck in your endeavors, and we’ll be happy to do a little brainstorming with you if you’d like to set up a complimentary 20 minute Money Momentum (MoMo) coaching session with us. (CLICK HERE if you do)

Warmly, Wayne Porter