How to crawl out from under your rocks…

When you hear people talk about someone crawling out from under a rock, it’s usually a bad thing. But let me share my experience of this and let’s see if we can’t shake the money tree a little bit for you, okay?

Back when I was living under a number of false assumptions – or ‘limiting beliefs’ around myself, my success, my role as a mother and a wife, you name it – it was as if I’d been caught in a mine cave-in and was buried under a pile of rocks of assorted sizes.

I didn’t really feel the weight of the rocks, because at that time it felt normal to be so weighed down with all the worries of the world. It wasn’t until I started disagreeing with the idea that nothing could be done about it and that it was normal to feel that way that the earth (and the rocks) seemed to start moving.

Rocks or Limiting Beliefs


One by one, first small rocks then larger ones started to roll off me, as I began to inspect the limiting beliefs that were actually dictating my thoughts for me. The more limiting beliefs and negative ideas I identified (and then ‘nuked’) the lighter I felt. As the wight of the rocks began to lighten, I felt better and better and I started to be able to ‘stand up,’ whereas before I had felt literally pinned down, unable to move.

This was a process – oh, but it was a good one. For me, pinpointing my limiting beliefs and eliminating them resulted in better health and happiness levels than I’d had in years – I regularly walk 2.5 miles and am currently appearing in a musical in which there ‘s a lot of singing and dancing and I am on stage for most of two hours, in addition to being a busy mom and running our business.  And I LOVE it!!!

Removing one of the larger rocks allowed me to believe that we could adopt twins in 2006.

Another one uncovered the simple but astounding truth that I could easily earn a six-figure income helping other people get rid of their rocks and showing them how to create their own six-figure business doing what they love.

I crawled out from under my rocks – sometimes on my hands and knees and sometimes with bloody knees and fingernails, and I will NEVER again allow limiting beliefs to dictate my life.

And I want the same thing for you.

I want YOU to decide that you are going to shrug off those rocks that have been pinning you down, limiting your true potential and depriving the world of your fully unleashed brilliance. I want you to promise right here and now (this is important).

We have a gift that I think will help you.

If you’re willing to dedicate about 40 minutes of your time to your own success, Wayne and I will show you how to turn some of your rocks into gold nuggets that will help you get everything you’ve ever wanted, doing something you’ve been doing your whole life.

Reserve your spot in our upcoming online training session, How to Get Your Best Results EVER.

Yours in love and success,

Mandy (and Wayne says ‘hi’).

photo credit: Nolan O’Brien via photopin cc