Mandy’s Magic Money Formula

A lot of people we’ve been talking to lately have been feeling some kind of financial stress.

Maybe unexpected expenses are eating up all the extra money that’s coming in, or the marketing actions you’re doing are just not working the way they used to.

While it’s easy to say that the more money you need the more marketing you should be doing, it isn’t always quite that simple.  Sometimes the income doesn’t even keep up with the bills – what do you do then?

After all, money doesn’t come flying out of genie lamps, right?  Or does it?

What if it’s just that you need some help with making the intuition-to-income connection?

To help you with this Mandy put together all her best and most magical “money attracting” tips and secrets and shared them in this special emergency training call.

This call is free for all of our friends and all of YOUR friends.  Because it’s no fun to watch people you care about suffer through these funky, stressful broke times.

So jump on over and grab the link to Mandy’s Magic Money Formula free training call. You’ll get instant access.  Because we believe you’re worth investing in.

And we know that you were born to have everything your heart desires, and we want to show you how.

 Hugs, Mandy and Wayne

P.S. As a special money momentum booster gift, we want you to watch this 1 minute video with Mandy right now. It’ll help you realize where YOUR money actually comes from.  🙂

Money Momentum Video #1: Mandy Wildman talks about “Money With Your Name On It”