Networking Secrets for the Holidays

I don’t know about your business but sometimes we get a little slow around the holidays. Now if you have a retail store you might get real busy during the holiday season, but a lot of business owners I know slow down.

What to do?

My suggestion is to just go with it. I don’t mean take November and December off. (Although it might not be a bad idea if you can do it.) What I’m saying is that the holiday season can be a great opportunity to meet new people. Some of them might even be potential clients for the upcoming year.

Here’s the plan: get invited and attend as many holiday parties as you can. Go to events. Meet people. Talk to people. Get to know them. Build relationships.

I’m not saying don’t work, I’m simply suggesting that you try to meet people as many people as you possibly can during a time when there are a lot of gatherings where your future clients may be hanging out. And I am definitely not saying to ask all the people at the party if they need your product or service. That will probably get you uninvited next year. Just be yourself (assuming you are nice) and meet some people.

After you’ve met them, follow up. Maybe meet them for coffee or invite them for dinner. Maybe send them a card. (More on sending cards later.*)

Porter's Holiday Card

When you do meet or talk with them at a later date, you can ask them what they do and if they ask, tell them what you do. Remember, this is coffee, not a sales conversation. If they need your product or service or they know someone who does, they will probably mention it. Then you can talk more about what you do, being sure to ask them about their business too.

We have actually found new clients almost accidentally just from talking with people. I’ve met future clients at birthday parties my kids were invited to, field trips I went on with my son and even at my son’s Boy Scout meetings.

Just be friendly and meet some people. It’s a great way to make new friends too, and you can never have too many of those.

Oh, and have a great time over the holiday season!

Wayne Porter

*Never underestimate the power of a greeting card. Mandy was at a Women’s Conference the other day and a woman she had met during the conference gave her a nice greeting card at the end of the day.

Like most people, I don’t carry greeting cards around with me but I have found what I believe is the next best thing. It’s an online service where you can choose and customize a real card for someone. The company will print and mail the card for you for less than some cards shops I’ve been to. We like this service so much, that as our holiday gift for you we will give you a free greeting card to send to someone. It can be any type of card you like.

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