Pick a Hat, any Hat . . .

You’re probably going to hate us for saying this, but nothing kills your money momentum faster than shooting yourself in the foot in front of your prospect, and talking about multiple businesses at one time is the perfect way to do just that – ouch!

Here’s a news flash: Your one minute speech – your elevator speech – is NOT the forum to list everything you are TRYING to do to make money!

Look, it is a blatant advertisement of the fact that you are not making enough money at one activity so you’re trying out other activities to see if you can make more money other ways.

We don’t have a problem with you having a lot of interested and different things that you love to do. We have lots and lots of things we love to do in our family.

We also don’t have a problem with you changing your business model. That’s fine. If you’re not making the profit you’d hoped for, or if you’re burned out on what you’re doing and you’re looking to change your business and your life, that’s fine.

If you’ve suddenly had an epiphany and realized that you’ve missed your calling and now you know you need to be doing an entirely different activity, that is all good. Really.

That’s what we coach on. We coach our clients on being true to their own instincts, living their lives to the fullest, following their passions, and serving people through their own brilliance. AND of course, monetizing that activity so that they can have the things in life they need and want, and so that they can share, give back, and/or change the world if that’s what they want to do.

So we don’t have a problem with you loving to do underwater rock-climbing if that’s something you want to do. What we have a problem with is you experimenting with your business strategy in FRONT OF YOUR PROSPECTS – yikes! Step back a moment there!

Okay, so we talk about CLARITY a lot. This is as much for your PROSPECTS as it is for you. It’s essential for YOU to be very clear on what it is you do and how that benefits your prospects. It is CRITICAL for your prospects to understand those things clearly too.

But how does it help ANYONE for you to list out two or more things that you DO? It comes across as a clear indication that you’re not making money at one thing so you’re trying something else – throwing spaghetti at the wall to see how much of it sticks (not a recommended business strategy, by the way).

At the very least it tells your prospects that you are in some kind of a transition/indecision phase in your life or business – and who wants to give their money to a business that may not even be there in a month or two?

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes (you should be doing this on a regular basis anyway). How does it sound when you’re at a meeting or an event and you meet someone and you ask them what you do and they don’t seem to be sure? Would you do business with that person?

Please understand, we are not trying to crush your creativity – far from it! We are trying to get you to MONETIZE your greatest passion, using every scrap of creativity you can muster, in order for you to have the wherewithal – okay, the MONEY – to do EVERYTHING you want to do, see?

So, in order for you to do business, you have to inspire confidence in your audience. You have to be strong and certain and very, very CLEAR about what you are OFFERING when you are interacting with anyone who could be a client or customer for you.

Because when people are confused about who you are and what you’re doing, they turn away. They go somewhere else. They chase the next butterfly that flits by on their smart phone. In other words – they lose interest – and so would you!

Anyone remember Joachim Phoenix? Wonderful actor – fabulous actor. A few years back he announces to the world that he’s going to pull back on his acting career to focus on developing a music career. How’s that going for him now? Hopefully he stashed a lot of money back in the day, because if you were a film director would you hire him after he made a statement like that? He turned his back on his fans – his film-going audience – and that is a deadly mistake, unless you’re very, very certain you never want to go back.

So all we’re saying is that CLARITY is the FIRST thing we talk about when we’re coaching with an entrepreneur or business owner. Clarity. Because without that you have no audience – you can’t gain momentum and you can’t build your following because they don’t know what they’re following.

But it’s almost a guarantee that you have some competitors out there who are ready with a very, very crystal clear message, and they’re going to give YOUR potential clients the answers they’re looking for. Is that okay with you?

Business is about making a profit, so pick ONE thing to talk about when interacting with your potential audience, okay. Just one. Even if you’re considering a transition, only EVER talk about one business that you are currently doing.

The power of ONE. You can take it to the bank.

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We are Mandy Wildman & Wayne Porter – have a great week!