[Social Media Tips] ‘Let’s Get Visual’ with Facebook


Confession:  For some bizarre reason I had Olivia Newton-John’s song “Let’s Get Physical” playing in my head while thinking about what to share for this article, only I replaced ‘physical’ with ‘visual’.  Also, I apologize in advance if you now have the song stuck in your head.   Moving on.

People love visual content, and Facebook is the perfect platform to share visual content with your audience.  As the saying goes: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”   On Facebook, photos have been shown to reach the most people (compared to other things like  status updates, links, etc.), and also provide the highest engagement (meaning likes, shares and comments).

There are a number of ways you can easily share fun visual content on Facebook.  Below are six ways to help increase engagement with your audience.

1. Add text to a photo– Instead of just posting a simple status update, add it as text to a photo for extra appeal.



2. Offer something special  – Do you have an ebook, .pdf or link to a free gift?   Use a photo to showcase the offer.



3. Go behind the scenes– In addition to screen shots, advertisements and photo captions, your audience also wants to get to know you on a personal level.   Showcase your employees or things going on in your office.  For example,  office parties, events, work in progress, or anything cool happening.Here’s a photo we shared from one of our awesome Monetize Your Vision coaching events.



4. Share blog posts with a photo– You can share your blog posts as a link that will display a small photo from your  post, or you can take a screen shot of that blog post and share it as a photo with a link to the post for a teaser.  Blog post shared as a link:



Screenshot of the actual blog post:



5. Involve your audience– Get them to participate in some way.  Post a funny photo and ask followers to suggest a photo caption.  Post a photo of a place and ask your followers to comment on what or where they think the place is.  Getting ready to release a new product? Post a graphic of the item and ask followers to comment with a fun name for the new product. Need help making a decision with something business-related?   Why not have your followers help you out since they are your target audience.  You can do so much with involving your audience … get creative!

We recently did a survey asking our Facebook followers to help us decide on a new tag line:



6. Announcements– Are you launching a new product or service? Instead of just posting it as text or in a status update, share the news with a photo or graphic.


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There’s a lot you can do to get your Facebook business page rockin’ and your audience responding.

If you’re interested in learning about more social media tips, then you should check out our Social Media Marketing Series Home Study Course.

Yours in soul-centered success,

Mandy & Wayne