[Video] This ONE THING is the Key to Making More Money


How to Talk About your Product or Service  Anywhere, Any Time, to Anybody – Part 1.

[NOTE: This is Part 1 of our Success Circle training video for April, but we wanted to share it with you today because knowing this information is CRITICAL to  the success of any small business owner or entrepreneur.  Successful artists, musicians, healers and coaches – they ALL have this DOWN and that’s how they attract more of what they want – gigs, clients, money, etc.  We want this for YOU, too.]



Did you know that your ‘Success Speech’ or ‘Attraction Speech’, (or Elevation Speech as Mandy sometimes like to call it) is THE KEY to you getting more clients (and making more money)?

If you just learn how to SAY THE SIMPLE WORDS that will attract the attention of your ideal prospects and clients, you will be able to:

  • Have more confidence
  • Close more business
  • Make more money, and (most important)
  • Help more people…
…all without being ‘salesy’.
In this video Mandy Wildman shows you the simple steps you need to take so that:
  • talking about what you do is EASY (no matter how shy you are)
  • what you say leads to your prospects wanting to KNOW MORE about what you do
  • your ideal clients will actually “close” themselves on exploring ways that they can work with you
Ask yourself – would it be worth learning ONE THING and getting VERY GOOD at it, if it meant you could be earning your ideal income doing what you LOVE?


Love, Mandy and Wayne

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“Thanks for all the good information today. You saved me a bunch of time, money and worry on this one!”


“You guys are amazing! After watching the two videos I came away with great ideas and a renewed excitement!”


 “I am doing what you said to do. Working the plan, step by step and things are falling into place!”