Web Site Design vs. Lifestyle Design – Which is More Important?

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This always amazes me. As the owner of a website design and marketing company for over 20 years now, it just blows me away how much care and attention to detail people are willing to invest in the most beautifully designed website (or vacation, or sofa, or even an outfit.). They will pour all their imagination, energy and planning into these things, and there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

But when it comes to designing their ideal life – crafting the details of how they want to live on an every-single-day basis – well – sometimes it’s hard to get them to even have a conversation about it. They’re just too busy doing everything they ‘have to do’ to invest even a few hours into deliberately crafting their delicious existence.

So while getting a stunning, effective web site design for your small business is awesome (forgive me – I am a little biased here), are we saying that it’s more important than making sure you’re living a fulfilling, happy-every-day kind of life?

Because getting to a place where you’re completely blissed out and appreciative of all-that-you-have on a daily basis takes WORK. It takes PLANNING. It takes ACTION. And above all, it takes a decision to absolutely REFUSE to settle for anything LESS THAN FABULOUS.

So while I am thrilled and delighted to create stylish websites and craft customized marketing campaigns and business strategies devoted to the success of your business, it would grieve me to see you pour your entire heart and soul into anything but YOU.

I’m not yelling at you at all. I’m not even ranting. I’m commenting on something I’ve seen time and time again that wounds me to my soul as an intuitive/empathic business mentor. I just want you to be absolutely in love with your life. And if you’re not, I’m here and I’ll be more than glad to listen and help you get to that zen place about who, what, why and most of all – how.

The Success Memos #37

And who knows? If we do have that conversation then maybe – just maybe – your website, your logo, your brand – your entire business – will help you to manifest that beautiful, abundant life that you’ve allowed yourself to visualize.

With love and blessings,

Mandy Wildman


P.S. If you’d like to set up a time for us to meet in person or talk on the phone or Skype, just reach out to me. I do what I do because I adore my life and I want that for you too.