Mandy Speaks at Fundraiser in Hendersonville, NC

Mandy Wildman had the great pleasure of addressing over 100 guests at a special fundraiser in Hendersonville, NC this past week.  The event was a dinner held to honor the accomplishments of My Place Inc. staff and volunteers, several of whom were given awards in appreciation of their dedication and service:

Venerable Panadipa
Venerable Panadipa gets an award

My Place Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides housing for at-risk youth and trains them to work at My Gluten Free Bread company. “It’s a great program and I’m proud to be associated with such an amazing group of hard-working, deserving individuals,” says Mandy.

Mandy spoke about her younger brother’s struggle with drugs and alcohol which led to his untimely death.  She explained to the attendees how if there had been a program like the one at My Place, Inc. her brother may still be alive today.  “There was simply nothing available when he was a kid, and the situation got worse and worse.  If the program at My Place, Inc. can help prevent the death of just one young person the difference that would make to the family, the community – and maybe even the world – would be immeasurable.”

Volunteers and donations are always welcomed with gratitude. To learn more about My Place, Inc. please contact us.