Solopreneur Success Circle

Hi there!


Are you a hard-working, productive-but-struggling solopreneur?


Would you love to make more income without having to add more hours to the day?


How would it feel to have access to all the support, strategy, guidance and inspiration you could ask for in one super-affordable package?

Dear beautiful and amazing solopreneur,

We are so excited! We’ve created our most affordable, comprehensive, and downright cosmic year-long mentoring program EVER!  We’ve added a massive pile of fabuloso tools, easy-to-do training courses and access to us for Q&A so that you never have to worry about what to do or how to do it ever again!

While joining a high-end coaching program may be the perfect step for you if you’re ready now to take your business to a whole new level and money is not a barrier for you, for many of you it may be just too much investment of time and money for where you’re at right now.

And that’s what motivated us to create our trademarked Solopreneur Success Circle – so that we could work with the beautiful and amazing solopreneurs we really, really wanted to help.  After all, our whole purpose is helping solopreneurs and small business owners succeed!

So we put our heads together and came up with a WICKED nifty plan!

How about practically GIVING away ALL our best training materials and premium content – videos, training calls, courses, worksheets, the whole whumperdoodle – packaged in a friendly, easy-to-do, year-long group mentoring program?  That way, we get to help more people, and they get to help more people, and so on and so forth!

Did we mention that we’ve made it ridonkulously affordable for ANY spiritual solopreneur (or spirit-led entrepreneur, or heart-centered business owner – you get the idea)  to join?

Strategy, Support, Spirit and Success for Solopreneurs!


When we pre-released this program as a pilot we were thrilled at how it took off and how many determined solopreneurs jumped in to get a little (or a lOT) of help with their soul-centered businesses. It’s growing every day into the most beautiful community of spiritual entrepreneurs all learning how to grow their businesses and helping the newbies hit the ground running.

The Solopreneur Success Circle is awesome for you if:

  • You’re generous and a team player
  • You’re smart and you love to implement what you learn
  • You’d like some hand-holding from a team of experts who’ve been there and done it, BUT
  • You’re not looking for sympathy or somebody to do it all for you.


Layna Gifford“When I felt like I had no direction in my business, Mandy and Wayne came to the rescue.  I had been struggling to pinpoint specific marketing avenues and revenue sources.

Mandy and Wayne helped give me clarity and direction.  They also helped me think “outside thebox” to realize a less-cost / more-revenue tweaking of my business strategy.  I am truly thankful for all that Mandy and Wayne have done to help my business grow!” Layna Gifford,



When you join our out-of-this-world Solopreneur Success Circle you’ll get:

  • Access to Mandy & Wayne’s entire Success Library – ALL of our training videos, tele-seminars, e-books and webinars – literally years worth of our work – all in one place right at your fingertips, 24/7. This is hundreds of hours of mentoring materials valued at over $2,800.
  • The ability to ask questions and get answers from us and other mentors and experts at any time of the day or night.
  • The opportunity to collaborate, network and mastermind ANY kind of awesome project you can dream up!
  • Support from peers and mentors (and Mandy’s spirit guides, Xara & Friends) that will make the difference between being in business FOR yourself but not than BY yourself.
  • Oh – and Xara & Friends have relayed to Mandy that they will gladly participate in assisting the spirit-led solopreneurs who join this program. (It’s their mission to help spirit-guided solopreneurs be successful!)

Did you know that ‘feeling lonely and isolated’ is the #2 reason solopreneurs go back to working for someone else at a 9-5 j.o.b.?

(The #1 reason is ‘not making enough money.’ This program’s designed to change that!)

 She’s open to receiving miracles – and it’s working!

candace“The information you shared the other day really helped me! Now whenever I have a problem I say to myself, ‘I’m open to receiving miracles’ and it seems like I get a miracle in response every time! No joke.

I had another miracle happen recently. I was sending out some Facebook messages and I was getting all ‘nos’. I was ready to get a little upset and then I said to myself, ‘No – I’m open to receiving miracles.’ The next thing I know someone I had messaged (whom I don’t even know) told me that he had created a page for the people in his group to buy my service package and he’s giving it to them as a bonus!

And Mandy you’re not going to believe what just happened! While we were chatting here on Facebook I had one of my customers just message me right next to you in the chat box and he says he wants to book 10 more hours with me! Wow – totally amazing results!” Candace Fowler, SEO Expert

For just a few days you can join this program for less than $200!

Yes, you read that right. That’s a one-time-payment for the whole 12 months – there are no zeros missing!  It really is under $200.

You are going to get SO much mentoring and love and support for just $197!

 BUT – we can only guarantee this price until SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT. You’ll slap yourself if you miss out on this opportunity to join the most supportive business mentoring program available!


Liz Stroud

“I’ve never been a linear person, but somehow got caught up in thinking it was supposed to be done a certain way. All things put in a certain place; business cards should look a certain way; business should be done in a certain way, etc.

Since working with Mandy I’ve started re-exploring how I do things, even to the point of changing my business name to better express who I am. I am an out-of-the box person and I am discovering that it’s okay to be real and do what you know in your heart is right.

I am so grateful for the excitement and out-of-the-box strategies Mandy and Wayne are sharing in this program!” Liz Stroud,, Asheville, NC

Are you in?

If you’re ready now just hit the button below to join. We’ll send you all the deets for how to gain access to the community and the materials.

Imagine – 12 months of Strategy, Support, Spirit and Success business mentoring for under $200!


BUT remember – you have to promise to be a team player. No whining, no being lazy, no being disrespectful to other members or mentors. Agreed? Awesome!

(Note: If we get too many people joining before Sunday night we’ll refund your money in full with an apology.)

She’s Listening to Her Higher Realm Support Team

Rose Marie Vieira“My Spirit Guide Connection Session with Mandy changed my life! Recently money was really tight and I’d been under the weather with a severe migraine for several days. I really didn’t feel like going to a networking meeting but I asked my Angels and Guides if I should go and the answer was a strong ‘yes’.  The first miracle was that I thought I didn’t have the money for lunch, but then I found $10 in my wallet I didn’t know I had.   And then – completely unexpectedly – two people who owed me money came up and paid me!  I went from $0 to $95 in 2 hours! I just about dropped to my knees in tears of joy!!! I LOVE my Angels/Spirit Guides and I’m so grateful that I’m learning to listen to them!” Rose Marie Vieira – Event Horizons Photography

What are some of the nifty benefits of being in Mandy & Wayne’s Solopreneur Success Circle?

  • Random bursts of creativity
  • A business that feeds your soul (instead of draining it)
  • A return to your brilliant, resourceful self
  • Renewed energy and zest for life
  • The ability to serve your tribe authentically
  • Sudden spiritual growth spurts
  • Knowing that you are surrounded by a community of like-minded peeps
  • Confidence that you are in the right place in your life, doing the right things
  • Having fun while learning and growing as a business owner
  • …and so much more!  Come and find out!

What Kind of Stuff Is In The Out-of-This-World Solopreneur Success Circle?

Here’s a random sampling of courses that are part of this program:

  1. Building Your Business and Earning Income Using Facebook Groups
  2. How to Track (and Boost) Your Marketing Results
  3. How to Write a Killer One-Minute Speech (with Worksheet)
  4. Why Everything Will Be Okay For You (Channeled message from Xara & Friends)
  5. Mandy’s Magic Money Formula (worth the price of admission according to some members)
  6. An Urgent Message to Goddesses and Game-Changers (Channeled message from Xara & Friends)
  7. The No-Cringe Closing System
  8. Success with Trade Shows, Fairs and Expos
  9. What is Spirit-Inspired Marketing? How to Get Great Results Without Feeling Weird
  10. Is Guilt Really Necessary? (Channeled message from Xara & Friends)
  11. Strategies for Serenity – What to Do When You’re Feeling Blue
  12. Creating Your Millionized Lifestyle (You’re Richer Than You Think!)
  13. Blogging Success Formula
  14. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  15. Mandy’s illustrated 2015 Wall Planner
  16. Mandy and Wayne’s book, THE SUCCESS MEMOS – 111 Tiny Tips To Help You Create a Magical Life and Business!

…and MUCH more being added all the time.


KImberly Crowe“There’s a feeling that emerges in your soul when you meet someone that you know will change your life for the better. You are drawn to them. Mandy Wildman and Wayne Porter are two of the most enthusiastic, positive people I know. They are passionate about sharing the knowledge they’ve learned through the years. As business coaches they empower you to find your purpose and thrive. They whole-heartedly infuse confidence in you by showing you all the tools you need to succeed. If you are looking for coaching services to help your business thrive Mandy and Wayne are a perfect solution. People can get business advice from anyone; however, the packages offered by Mandy & Wayne are more than just advice. Guided by Spirit each truly loves to share what they have learned – what works and what what doesn’t – and they are not afraid to dig deep and uncover the roots of the issues you are facing. They are willing to help you rebuild what you unearthed in the process and teach you the skills to make it grow. The passion they have, mixed with joy, love, and a bit of magic, shines like a beacon as they work to transform your business.” Kimberly Crow, online marketing specialist at Crow Kreations.


Bonuses? Extras?

We think you’re going to LOVE our Out Of This World Solopreneur Success Circle so much that you’ll realize you got waaaay more than your money’s worth in the first few minutes. (Hint: start by downloading any of our nifty, easy-to-do Solopreneur Training Courses and you’ll see what we mean!)

And throughout the year we’ll be posting smart tips, tools and solutions, as well as brand new courses as they are created. As a member, you’ll have access to all of it.

So come and join us and get the support, encouragement and the intuitive business mentoring that you won’t get anywhere else for this price.  We did it for you, beautiful soul!

See you in the program!

Love, Mandy & Wayne

Questions? Email us (quick!)

Disclaimer for sensible folks: clearly, no actual representations of income or changed circumstances are being promised here. We don’t believe in any kind of “overnight wealth” or “get-rich-quick” schemes and you shouldn’t either. As with anything, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. You know you’re responsible for your own results. We’re here to teach, support and answer questions. The rest is all up to you, baby. Thank you for agreeing with us.